If you are looking for information or to book the Grange, a large Devon holiday home with indoor pool, sleeping 26, then please go to our home page. Or, if you are at a really loose end and interested in our efforts to improve our search engine rankings, welcome and please read on!


Allison and I bought the Grange on our daughter’s birthday in October 2004. We were living in London at the time and used an agent initially to promote the house. I also built a website, at first just a single page with a description of the house and instructions to call or email for further details. Over the years the site has evolved into what I now think looks pretty good and seems to work really well.

I thought (naively it transpires), as the site improved, hordes of happy guests came and went and our reputation grew, that our site would gradually work its way to the top of Google’s list. Future guests would all find us for free and hand in hand with that, we’d be able to reduce the advertising budget and thereby make a success and (who knows!) even a profit from the whole thing.

On the 23rd September 2018 I did a little research in Google Analytics and saw that over the last five years our organic search hits had gone from 4091 to 3772 to 3288 to 2838 to 2210. Rather than the natural, gradual improvement we’d been hoping for, things have been getting worse! On the 24th September 2018 I made a plan to try to reverse that trend – visit our Blog page and I’ll tell you all about it!
Andrew Swinton

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