About the Blog

Why? Why? Why?

All good questions! Well, if you read the whole blog you’ll see that it’s initially about our efforts to improve the online presence of Bicclescombe Grange. (What it might become afterwards, at time of writing I do not know.) I started the blog about two months after these efforts began in earnest and primarily because one of the suggestions I saw many times online was, ‘Must have a blog’. Apparently search engines love them. What to blog about? Well, stuff does happen at the Grange; we’re always busy there. But it’s not really that blog-worthy in my opinion and anyway, all the exciting stuff that happens there already appears on our News page. My understanding (which you’ll find if you follow the blog is sometimes questionable!) is that news, facts etc are not for blogs. Blogs seem to be more about thoughts, observations, opinions.

So, I thought I’d document all my thoughts, observations and opinions regarding the efforts I’ve made. I’m hoping it will become an enjoyable task, but I must confess I am dubious. For those of you wanting to rent our house you should go to our Home page. But, if you’re still here then either:

  • You’re interested in how to improve your own website’s online presence
  • You’re just curious to see how I got on
  • You’re a bit bored and can’t think of anything else to do
  • You’re my mum

I’m not intending to go into too much detail, but feel free to ask if you would like more. I’m not proffering myself as an expert in this field (believe me, if you try this too, you will be snowed under with calls and emails from those that will!) but perhaps you might find something of value here that might save you some time or money. I hope so, as I have certainly spent a lot of both and (spoiler alert!) at time of writing do not yet know if it was worth the effort! I will try to make it interesting, possibly even entertaining, but given the subject matter, I’m not making any promises!

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