So? Is it Working 3?

It’s numbers time! 3 weeks in.

  1. 149 (-18) Organic searches over the last 30 days
  2. 53 (-4) Percentage derived from organic searches over the last 30 days divided by the same period a year previous
  3. 15 (+1) Position of “large cottages devon” in Google search
  4. 22 (+9) Position of “stag party houses” in Google search
  5. 62 (+10) Position of “40th birthday party ideas” in Google search
  6. 44 (+6) Position of “50th birthday party ideas” in Google search
  7. 50 (+9) Position of “party house with pool” in Google search
  8. 12.2M (0) Alexa rank
  9. 1.8 (0) Moz rank
  10. 18 (0) Domain Authority
  11. 22 (0) Trust Flow
  12. 18 (0) Citation Flow
  13. 171 (0) External links in Google Search Console
  14. 25 (0) Linking sites in Google Search Console

The values in brackets are the change from the original benchmarks of So? Is it Working 1? Positives are good news and what we are hoping for, negatives are not so good.

I could be forgiven for thinking there has been some sort of improvement here and it is nice to see all of the searches up, but I’ve noticed our search positions flexing up and down for no apparent reason before, so I won’t get too excited yet! Especially as organic search numbers are still down. And although a drop at this time of year is to be expected, with people having Christmas on their minds, that would not account for the drop in comparison to last year. My feeling is that it’s still too soon for any of my actions to have made a significant difference (and I’ve seen the results yet to be published, so you can trust me on that!).

Date of Activity: 15th October 2018

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  1. Oh, this is the one I saw earlier.

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