So? Is it Working 5?

It’s numbers time! 5 weeks in.

  1. 152 (-15) Organic searches over the last 30 days
  2. 58 (+1) Percentage derived from organic searches over the last 30 days divided by the same period a year previous
  3. 15 (+1) Position of “large cottages devon” in Google search
  4. 22 (+9) Position of “stag party houses” in Google search
  5. 62 (+10) Position of “40th birthday party ideas” in Google search
  6. 42 (+8) Position of “50th birthday party ideas” in Google search
  7. 50 (+9) Position of “party house with pool” in Google search
  8. 12.2M (0) Alexa rank
  9. 1.8 (0) Moz rank
  10. 18 (0) Domain Authority
  11. 22 (0) Trust Flow
  12. 18 (0) Citation Flow
  13. 139 (-32) External links in Google Search Console
  14. 25 (0) Linking sites in Google Search Console

The values in brackets are the change from the original benchmarks of So? Is it Working 1? Positives are good news and what we are hoping for, negatives are not so good.

This all doesn’t look too bad, but there’s still nothing to get really excited about. As for the 32 dropped external links, they are all due to For some reason we have, for a long time, had 127 links from Yell. Don’t know why! We don’t have that many pages to link to! Anyway, for some reason this has now dropped to 95. I did notice that our data on their site was in need of updating though which may account for a change, or it might just be that they have gotten themselves in better order. A little research seems to suggest that a drop might not actually be a bad thing though, as having a disproportionate number of links from a single site could look spammy to Google. Ever the optimist!

Date of Activity: 29th October 2018

Planning a special party or family occasion? Looking for the perfect venue? Our large Devon holiday home sleeps 26 and has an amazing indoor pool. To find out more visit the Bicclescombe Grange website.

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