Christmas at the Grange

Now I know you are all desperate to learn more about ‘structured data’, the next topic on the list, so instead I thought it would be nice to talk about Christmas. Because it’s a lot more fun than structured data, and it’s got chocolate!

Today we welcomed in our Christmas guests who we hope will have a fantastic time. The house certainly looks lovely, with four decorated trees inside and surrounded by lights outside. You can see for yourselves if you look at the Christmas at the Grange page on our website. And, whilst you’re admiring those beautiful outdoor icicle lights try not to think of me at the top of a 30 foot ladder in the cold and wind and rain! And then try not to think how we might feel if, say, the wind then blew them all up into the gutter…


Bicclescombe Grange is a great place to spend your Christmas holidays. The house sleeps 26 with lots of room for everyone, and for the presents too! Stockings, a quick dip in the pool, a hearty breakfast, presents round the tree, massive Christmas dinner in the dining room, some party games perhaps, maybe a Christmas movie on the big screen or just a well deserved chance to recover in the peace and quiet of the conservatory or orangery. Or perhaps the hot tub is calling, with a glass of bubbly… All sounds pretty good to me! If it also sounds good to you then I’m afraid you might have a long wait as it is a popular time of year. But that’s ok, because, Bicclescombe Grange is not just for Christmas! Have a look at our Availability page to see what we can do.

Planning a special party or family occasion? Looking for the perfect venue? Our large Devon holiday home sleeps 26 and has an amazing indoor pool. To find out more visit the Bicclescombe Grange website.

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  1. Here’s wishing a very merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year for Bicclescombe Grange!!

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