Day 1. Make a Plan

September 24th 2018

Our organic search engine results have been dropping. Possibly because our site has been falling, or other sites have been rising. Possibly both. I Google some suggestions. There are a lot! I choose ones that seem apparently essential and then go for the more straightforward first.

I reckon, half a dozen big changes, sit back, see what happens. A few tweaks after that and hopefully we’ll be back on track. (As it turns out, the list of improvements to be made is a lot longer, as you’ll see…)

I am aware that there will be a lag; that any improvements made will not necessarily reveal themselves in positive results until weeks or maybe several months have passed. This will make an analysis of what changes made the most difference more difficult, but, if there is at least some improvement, I can live with that!

1 thought on “Day 1. Make a Plan

  1. Bon courage!

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