Day 2. Mobile Friendly

September 25th 2018

First on the list. Finish something that I had already started: Making our web pages mobile friendly. Search engines are apparently big on this and the suggestion is that your page will get marked down, or not show at all if it’s not mobile friendly.

I had already done the bulk of the site, but there were a few pages such as our ‘Already Booked’ page which I’d put off doing, because, basically it was going to be a bit of a challenge!

You may well be asking how to check if a page is mobile friendly and the answer, for me, was Google Search Console (the old Webmaster Tools). It told me which pages I needed to optimise and, by the end of the day they were all done! Back in Search Console I told Google the pages had changed and asked it to recrawl them. Hopefully, within a few weeks I will get an improved result.

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  1. Upward mobility?

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