Actually, it’s all about the money!

Now I know you’re all desperate to find out how our sitelinks are doing. So, luckily for you I can give you an update. Back in The Ups and Downs of Bicclescombe Grange I mentioned that our big competitors had enormous numbers of results returned when checking their site listings in Google. For us, typing into Google announced just 42 results.

That’s all changed now. As I type, that figure has ascended to a majestic 56! Google is picking up my new pages and blog posts relatively speedily and the site is looking much beefier now. I have a medium term goal of 300 as that appears to be some kind of limit, which, once I reach, will possibly make us appear at a cursory searching glance to be on a par with our main rivals. So, at one post every two days, that means you can put your feet up, have a cup of tea and take most of the next year off. And then come back and we’ll see if I’m right! Oh, I know, you’re too kind – who would want to miss out on 244 more posts like this!

Show me the money!

Sorry, yes, about the money: I’m sure you’re all wondering why we even bother with our fabulous large holiday cottage, with it’s amazing indoor pool, full size snooker table and so much more. Why not, I hear you say, get rid of that and just do the blogging? It could make lots more money. (And you’re so wonderful at it!)

Well, that is true. Apart from the ‘lots more money’ bit. And the ‘wonderful’ bit. What is true is that money can be made. How much? Yes, good question. No, I don’t know the answer. Best guess: not at all much unless you are stupendously good and successful at it. No, no, really, you’re making me blush…

Blogs can be ‘monetized’. Which means they will show adverts and you will get paid for showing them. Now, doesn’t that sound fantastic? Who doesn’t love a good advert after all!? How big a payment depends on how good a blog it is. And how good a blog it is I think is mainly measured by how many visitors you get. And to even bother thinking about it the blog needs to be getting thousands of visitors every day.

Just a moment then, let me check… Ah yes, today I’ve had one visitor. You guys! You’re just too much!

Anyone know where I can find another 999 friends?

Planning a special party or family occasion? Looking for the perfect venue? Our large Devon holiday home sleeps 26 and has an amazing indoor pool. To find out more visit the Bicclescombe Grange website.

1 thought on “Actually, it’s all about the money!

  1. 999 people just don’t know what they’re missing!

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